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2021 Stage 2 Water Shortage

On May 13, the Scotts Valley Water District Board declared a Stage 2 Water Shortage (Click here to view the Press Release). 

The District encourages customers to use water wisely. The target is to achieve a 15 percent reduction in water use District-wide. While mandatory conservation is not in effect, the following initiatives have been implemented:

2021 Water Savings Challenge
A monthly raffle will be held during the summer (June through September). Customers that reduce water use by a minimum of 15% from last year have the opportunity to win prizes, including credit on their water bill.

Visit our 2021 Water Saving Challenge page for more information.

Recycled Water Fill Station
The Recycled Water Fill Station will be open every Saturday throughout the summer to help customers manage landscape needs. Members of the SVWD Board of Directors have volunteered to run this program. Click here to lean more about recycled water. 

Reimagine your yard by changing exisiting landscaping to water-efficient options

Cover your pool to reduce evaporation, or replace high-water-use fixtures with more efficient models. Please visit our rebates page for additional information.

Mandatory Restrictions
Limit outdoor irrigation watering schedules to two days per week (any two days of the week).

Commercial customers also are being asked to reduce their water consumption.

Restaurants are encouraged to only serve water upon request

Hotels should give guests an option to not launder bed sheets every day.

The exisiting Water Waste ordinance remains in effect. Click here to learn more about water waste.

Free Water Saving Devices
Pick up free water-saving devices at the District office.

Drought Rates
Add-on drought rates are in effect for the August and October billing periods. These rates apply to the service period of June 7, 2021 – October 7, 2021.

For residential customers: $5.72 per 1,000 gal for consumption in Tiers 2 and higher. For non-residential customers: $2.41 per 1,000 gal will be applied to all consumption of potable water.

The purpose of the add-on drought rate is to prevent a revenue shortfall triggered by reduced demand. Visit our Rates and Fees page for more information.