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Turfs Up!

With the Turf's Up! Lawn Replacement Rebate customers receive $2 per square foot when irrigated lawn is removed and replaced with water-efficient landscaping.

A lawn replacement project requires a significant investment of time and energy.  Here is what rebate applicants can expect about the process:

  1. Take photos of your lawn and take measurements to find the square footage of the lawn area being removed. Important: Do not remove your lawn until your rebate has been approved. 
  2. Complete the form on WaterSmart Portal Lawn Replacement  Rebate and be sure to include the photos and measurements. Note: If you are working with a landscaping company, they may be able to help you fill out this form or provide their drawing and square footage calculations.
  3. Once the District has received your completed form, a staff member will reach out to confirm via email with information regarding your pre-approval.
  4. Once your project is pre-approved, complete the project within six months. (For example: If your pre-approval is issued on August 14, 2023, the completed project inspection must take place no later than February 14, 2024.)
  5. Once your project is completed, contact the District to schedule your post-inspection to confirm all the described work was completed as outlined in your form, and confirm the square footage of lawn area that was converted to low-water use landscaping or permeable hardscape material
  6. After post-inspection, your rebate will either be approved or denied. If your rebate is approved, the District will issue you send you a check
  7. Enjoy your new, lower water usage yard.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • My yard isn’t a perfect square or rectangle, how do I calculate the square footage?
    • If you are getting help from a landscape architect or gardener, they may be able to help you with this calculation. If that is not available, the District provides recommendations for how to calculate the square footage on pages 3 and 4 of the rebate form.
    • The following videos may also be useful:
  • My lawn does not have built-in sprinklers, I water it by hand or with a manual sprinkler, is my project eligible? Yes! Your project is still eligible. Lawns need to have been watered regularly and in good health when we conduct our pre-inspection.
  • Why do I need to schedule a post-inspection once my project is completed?
    • The post-inspection is required for the District to confirm whether the project has been completed within the rebate terms, and that the project follows the outlined plans that you provided
  • I would like to participate in this rebate, but I think my project is going to take longer than 6 months to complete, will I still receive the special rebate?
    • In order for a project to qualify for the special rebate, specific terms need to be met. If a post-inspection of a completed project is made more than 6 months after the initial pre-inspection was scheduled, then the project will only be eligible for the standard rebate amount at the time the project is completed.
  • I want to take out my lawn and put down concrete for a patio, is my project eligible?
    • It depends on the type of concrete you are using – some are permeable and allow water to pass through; others are non-permeable. To make this project eligible for this rebate, the concrete used would have to be permeable.
  • I removed my lawn a few months ago and replaced it with mulch and drought-tolerant plants, can I submit a rebate form even though the project is completed? I have before and after photos?
    • Unfortunately, since the District was not able to conduct a pre-inspection to establish what your lawn looked like beforehand, you are not eligible for this rebate. However, if you have any other home improvement projects coming up, please take a look at the District's other existing rebate programs!
  • I completed a rebate project with the District and had my lawn removed a few months ago, but the rebate then was at a different rate. Can I receive the difference between the rate then and now?
    • Unfortunately, this rebate is a special and limited-time offer with specific terms and cannot be applied to previous projects. The District thanks you for switching your lawn to a lower water usage landscaping option!