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Limited-Time Offering: Turf's Up!

Double your Lawn/Turf Replacement Rebate from $1 to $2 per square foot, by replacing your irrigated lawn with low-water use alternatives. All sites must have a pre- and post-inspection scheduled and completed by June 30, 2021, in order to be eligible for the increased rebate amount. Apply now by requesting a pre-inspection (lawn measurement) before April 15th. Detailed information about the rebate is below.  


Special Lawn/Turf Replacement Application (Limited though 06/30/2021)

Rebate form for non-lawn/turf replacement

Request a Pre or Post Inspection





Lawn/Turf Replacement

Replace irrigated lawn with low water use plants and/or permeable landscape materials such as mulch, decomposed granite, permeable pavers, or artificial turf. Existing sprinkler heads must be either converted to drip or other low-volume emitters or removed and glue-capped. Inactive valves must be removed and pipes glue-capped. High and low volume emitters should not exist on the same valve.

Rebate: $2 per square foot of lawn replaced (all inspections completed by June 30, 2021, with pre-inspection reccomended prior to April 15th)
Pre- and Post-Inspection required

High Volume to
Rotary Spray
Head Replacement

Replace high volume spray heads with rotary spray small stream nozzles.  The spray head nozzles and/or bodies must be pressure-compensating.  High and low emitters should not exist on the same valve.

Rebate:  $10 per nozzle replaced
Receipts required
Pre- and Post-Inspection required

Low Volume

Replace hi-volume pop-up or riser sprayers with low-volume emitters such as drip, inline, or micro-sprayers. Existing heads must be either converted to low-volume emitters or removed and glue-capped. Inactive valves must be removed and pipes glue-capped. High and low volume emitters should not exist on the same valve.

Rebate: 50 cents per square foot of the plants at maturity, covered by the new irrigation
Pre- Post-inspection required

Irrigation Controllers

Up to $100 to replace fixed controllers/timers. Credits only offered for SMART controllers with on-site/local sensors or locally crowd-sourced data. Rain sensors alone will not be rebated. Receipts with make and model are required.

Rebate: up to $100 for each replaced controller
Receipt required
Post-Inspection required


(in-ground pools & spas)

Replace either impermeable hardscape or pools/spas with infiltration methods such as dry creek beds/swales, rain gardens, or permeable concrete, pavers, asphalt, gravel, decomposed granite or mulch. For more information please click here.

Rebate: $1 per square foot of replaced hardscape not to exceed $2,500
Pre- Post-inspection required


Divert downspouts to a dry creek bed/swale, rain garden, or another infiltration method, or a rainwater tank that is directed to the same.

Rebate: $75 per downspout with a maximum of four per site
Pre- Post-inspection required


Use water twice by diverting washer, bathtub or shower water to landscape with a greywater system. Systems must conform to State and local codes.

Rebate: $150 per fixture converted
Pre- Post-inspection required


Use free rainwater to water the garden and help manage run-off. Systems must conform to State and local codes, be secure, prevent mosquito entry and have designated overflows.

Rebate: 25 cents per gallon up to $750 or 3,000 gallons
Pre- and Post-Inspection Required

Toilet & Urinal

Purchase and install EPA WaterSense-certified toilets that are 1.28 gallon-per-flush (gpf) or lower.

Rebate               Existing Toilet       New Toilet
Up to $125          >1.6 gpf................. 1.0 gpf (or lower)
Up to $100          >1.6 gpf ................ 1.28 gpf
$50                       1.6 gpf.................<1.28 gpf
$25                       1.6 gpf.................. 1.28 gpf

Please call us with any questions before you purchase or install your toilet!

Receipt required


Install a new pressure regulator or replace an old one. These devices are critical for preventing leaks and all meters should have a working regulator installed at all times.

Rebate: $50 each (up to 2 if necessary) every five years
Receipts with make and model are required