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District Rebates

The District offers a variety of rebates to customers in good standing as part of our rebate program. Customers wanting to apply for a District rebate must submit a completed and signed application form to our office at 2 Civic Center Drive or via email to conservation@svwd.org. Additionally:

  • Some rebates such as turf or hardscape replacement require a pre-approval inspection prior to any work being done.
  • Some rebates require the applicant to attached a dated and itemized receipt within 90 days of purchase.
  • Rebates for rainwater cisterns and Greywater require full compliance with the California Universal Plumbing Code and may require further upgrades to your residential plumbing system.
  • Rebates may be issued as a check, or may be applied as account credit.

Pre-approval inspections require a completed application form be on-file with the Conservation Department before an appointment may be scheduled. If you have submitted an application and need to schedule an inspection please call (831) 438-2363 or email conservation@svwd.org.

Rebate application forms may be downloaded below:

Toilet Replacement

Pressure Regulator Installation

Turf/High-Volume Irrigation Replacement

Pool Cover Installation

High-Volume to Rotary-Head Sprinkler Replacement

Smart Irrigation Controller Installation

Rainwater Harvesting/Catchment Installation

Greywater Irrigation System Installation

Hardscape Replacement





Lawn/Turf Replacement $1 per square foot of lawn replaced
Pre- Post-inspection required
Replace irrigated lawn with low water use plants and/or permeable landscape materials such as mulch, decomposed granite, permeable pavers, or artificial turf. Existing heads must be either converted to drip or other low-volume emitters or removed and glue-capped. Inactive valves must be removed and pipes glue-capped. High and low volume emitters should not exist on the same valve.
Downspout Diversion $75 per downspout with a maximum of four per site
Pre- Post-inspection required
Divert downspouts to a dry creek bed/swale, rain garden, or another infiltration method, or a rainwater tank that is directed to the same.
Rainwater Catchment 25 cents per gallon up to $750 or 3,000 gallons
Pre- and Post-Inspection Required
Use free rainwater to water the garden and help manage run-off. Systems must conform to State and local codes, be secure, prevent mosquito entry and have designated overflows.
Toilet or Urinal Replacement

Between $25 and $125 
Receipt with make and model required

Purchase and install EPA WaterSense-certified toilets that are 1.28 gallon-per-flush (gpf) or lower.
Up to $125   >1.6 gpf to1.0 gpf (or lower)
Up to $100   >1.6 gpf to 1.28 gpf
$50               1.6 gpf to <1.28 gpf
$25               1.6 gpf to 1.28 gpf
Presssure regulator / PRV $50 each (up to 2 if necessary) every five years
Receipts with make and model are required
Install a new pressure regulator or replace an old one. These devices are critical for preventing leaks and all meters should have a working regulator installed at all times.
Greywater Irrigation $150 per fixture converted
Pre- Post-inspection required
Use water twice by diverting washer, bathtub or shower water to landscape with a greywater system. Systems must conform to State and local codes.
Hardscapre Replacement $1 per square foot of replaced hardscape not to exceed $2,500
Pre- Post-inspection required
Replace either impermeable hardscape or in-ground pools/spas with infiltration methods such as dry creek beds/swales, rain gardens, or permeable concrete, pavers, asphalt, gravel, decomposed granite or mulch
Low-Volume Irrigation 50 cents per square foot of the plants at maturity, covered by the new irrigation
Pre- Post-inspection required
Replace hi-volume pop-up or riser sprayers with low-volume emitters such as drip, inline, or micro-sprayers. Existing heads must be either converted to low-volume emitters or removed and glue-capped. Inactive valves must be removed and pipes glue-capped. High and low volume emitters should not exist on the same valve.
SMART Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers Up to $100 for each replaced controller
Receipt required
Up to $100 to replace fixed controllers/timers. Credits only offered for SMART controllers with on-site/local sensors or locally crowd-sourced data. Rain sensors alone will not be rebated. Receipts with make and model are required.
Spray Irrigation to Rotator Nozzle $10 Per Nozzle
Receipt required
Pre- Post-inspection required
For small stream rotary nozzles replacing high volume nozzles for turf or planting beds. Spray head bodies (or nozzles) must be pressure compensating. High and low volume emitters should not exist on the same valve.
Swimming Pool Cover 50% of cost, maximum of $1,000
Receipt required