Scotts Valley Water District - Sucinto Well Replacement Project
Sucinto Well Replacement Project

Construction of the 1,500-foot-deep Sucinto Well restarted in early March. Around-the-clock drilling began in mid-April and concluded in early June. Scroll down for weekly updates.

The new well, located on Sucinto Drive, replaces 30-year-old Well 3B which has been in decline for several years and is located on the same site. The new well has a design capacity of 400+ gallons per minute and will enhance operational efficiencies for the District which relies solely on local groundwater supplies. Water produced from this well site will be conveyed to the Orchard Run Water Treatment Plant for filtration and disinfection before it's pumped into the distribution system. 

Construction on the well began in May 2023 but was halted in fall 2023 after the driller’s work was unsuccessful. The District’s Board of Directors selected a new driller through a public process. The driller’s work will include destroying the old Well 3B before beginning drilling of the new Sucinto Well. Active drilling of the new well is anticipated to begin in April to take four to six weeks, followed by testing. The active drilling stage of this project will require 24/7 activity on the site. 

A temporary sound wall has been constructed to reduce noise to the surrounding neighborhood. Work at the project site should be concluded in the summer. 

Funding for the project comes from the District’s Capital Improvement Program. 

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