Scotts Valley Water District - Sucinto Well Drilling Frequently Asked Questions
Sucinto Well Drilling Frequently Asked Questions

Sucinto Well Drilling Project
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sucinto Well Project? 

The Sucinto Well Project involves drilling a replacement for the existing Well 3B, which has been determined to be unreliable. The project site is in the Granite Creek area of Scotts Valley. The Sucinto Well will be approximately 1,500 feet deep and will include a 14-inch stainless steel well casing. 

Why is a new well needed? 

The Sucinto Well will replace Well 3B, which is nearly 30 years old. Over the last several years Well 3B has experienced significant declines in production, as well as corrosion on the steel well column. 

The new well will provide more than 400 gallons of water per minute. It is anticipated the well will be in service for 30 years or more, providing an important source of water for District customers for years to come. 

What is the construction schedule? 

Construction of the Sucinto well should take 4-5 months to complete and will begin in early March. Here is the tentative schedule: 

  • Well 3B destruction, estimated duration: 8 days
  • Construction mobilization, includes setting up soundwalls and staging of drilling equipment, estimated duration: 20 days
  • Drilling the pilot hole, estimated duration: 18 days*
  • Reaming the pilot hole, estimated duration: 18 days*
  • Well construction, estimated duration: 2 days*
  • Well Development, estimated duration: 22 days* with 3 days of overnight activity
  • Demobilization and cleanup, estimated duration: 8 days

*Indicates periods of overnight activity will be required.

Why is overnight activity required?

Overnight activity will be required during the drilling stage and construction stage. If the drilling pauses, such as at night, there is danger of the borehole caving. A cave-in would necessitate the well drilling process to start again from the beginning, which will cause significant delays. 

Also, during the well development stage, overnight activity will be required during the initial mechanical development of the well (estimated to be 2 nights) and during the 24-hour constant pumping test (estimated to be 1 night). 

What is being done to minimize the impact to neighbors?

Sound walls will be constructed around all four sides of the construction site. These soundwalls will help limit neighborhood noise and light from this project. While these soundwalls will mitigate project noise, there will still be residual noise. The District appreciates neighbors’ patience during the essential overnight work.

Also, large trucks will periodically be moving through the neighborhood from Polo Ranch Road to Village Lane. Light duty pick-up trucks may occasionally enter on Sucinto Drive via North Navarra Drive. 

How is the project funded? 

This critical infrastructure improvement is funded through ratepayer fees.

What happened with the first attempt at this project? 

Construction on the well began in May 2023 but was halted in fall 2023 after the driller’s work was unsuccessful. The District’s Board of Directors selected a new driller through a public process. 

How has the project evolved since the first attempt at drilling 2023?

The District has selected a new driller with a solid reputation. This driller has an advanced drilling fluids program that utilizes more efficient equipment. Also, the soundwalls that will be used this time are solid and surround the project on all four sides. While these solid soundwalls will not make the project completely soundproof, they will be more efficient at noise attenuation.

How can I receive updates on the project? 

Please visit the Sucinto Well Project webpage for more information or sign up for weekly email updates

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