Scotts Valley Water District - Flushing Program
Flushing Program

Water main flushing is the process of cleaning or “scouring” the inside of the water main by sending a high-velocity flow of water through the system. This is conducted by opening fire hydrants and releasing water at the speed of up to 5 feet per second to remove deposits built up inside the mains.
Flushing is a crucial preventative measure that helps to maintain the capacity of the pipe and to protects water quality by removing deposits from inside the mains. The District regularly flushes its system and notifies its customers of the flushing schedule.

Benefits of flushing:

  • Scouring the inside of pipes with a high-velocity flow of water that removes sediment buildup and improves water quality.
  • Valves, hydrants and water mains can be inspected.
  • The District stays in compliance with requirements set by the California Department of State Water Resources Control Board.

Mains are cleaned by systematically flushing the pipelines at high velocity (5 feet per second) for a few minutes by opening and closing fire hydrants.

Flushing typically occurs in the spring. Customers are notified in advance.