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photo of SVWD staff members Our Core Values

• Be adaptable and forward looking
• Nurture positivity and collaboration
• Strive for efficiencies
• Go above and beyond the status quo of service

How our customers and partners feel after interacting with our organization is something we value, we strive to make improvements in all that we do to keep our standards high. We hope all of your experiences with the Scotts Valley Water District are positive, helpful and productive. We are honored to be a part of the community!

Our Advantage

With a long history of innovation, the District had the foresight in 2002 to implement a recycled water program to better manage the Santa Margarita Groundwater Basin and reduce pumping from the aquifers. The $8.4 million project includes a 1.0 MGD tertiary treatment plant, a 600,000-gallon storage tank and 8 miles of distribution mains. The District’s goal is to deliver recycled water to all potential landscape irrigators, reducing the amount of withdrawal from the groundwater basin and conserving that water for future potable use. In 2014, recycled water usage totaled approximately 58 million gallons to 42 customers, bringing the total of recycled water deliveries since 2002 to approximately 466 million gallons of groundwater not pumped from the Santa Margarita Groundwater basin! Groundwater that is not pumped out of the basin is considered to be “left in storage” and therefore available for future beneficial uses. 

Latest Updates

Scotts Valley Water District Launches New Customer-Focused Website

Scotts Valley, CA (February 24, 2015)  - Scotts Valley Water District (SVWD) further commits to customers by establishing effective communication systems that improves and expands customer service features, provides easier access to District information and better inform on water related topics such as conservation strategies, drought conditions and long-term planning for the District water supply.

New Interactive Map of California’s Residential and System-Wide Water Use

OAKLAND - Calif.:  A new web app from the Pacific Institute shows how different California cities are responding to the ongoing drought. This web feature brings to life newly-released data on residential and system-wide water use, and allows users to explterns in that use.ore trends and patterns in that use.

Federal Government to add $50 million for drought relief in California, other western states

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The federal government is offering up to $50 million for drought relief in western states as California enters its fourth dry year, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and Gov. Jerry Brown announced Friday. "California is ground zero for the drought. There is no state that is worse off," Jewell said.

Ruth Stiles Joins Scotts Valley Board of Directors

photo of new SVWD Board member Ruth Stiles Ruth Stiles is our newest SVWD Board Member. She's a Board Certified Master Arborist and horticultural consultant. She brings more than 30 years of insight from working with water efficiency in landscaping to the Board. Through first hand experience, Ruth has witnessed the rapid evolution of drip irrigation and landscape water conservation grow from fringe ideas to mainstream practices.