2015 Urban Water Management Plan Update

Scotts Valley Water District is required by June 30, 2016 to update its Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP), a document that provides a framework for long-term water planning and informs the public of strategic resource planning designed to ensure adequate water supplies for existing and future demands.

Last updated in 2010, the plan is designed to cover the timeline 2015 through 2035. The District hired Kennedy/Jenks Consultants to prepare the UWMP update in alignment with guidance issued by the California Department of Water Resources, which will review the plan.

The UWMP contains information about the public water system, current and projected water uses, current and projected sources of water available to the agency, water supply reliability, water shortage contingency planning and demand management measures. As such, the UWMP is designed to coordinate with General Plans set forth by the County of Santa Cruz and the City of Scotts Valley, as well as Integrated Regional Water Management Plan and Groundwater Management Plan. Click here  to go to the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan Update page.


The Value of Water: Why water conservation doesn’t equal money savings

Like water customers throughout the Central Coast and many other parts of California, Scotts Valley Water District ratepayers have responded to the historic drought by sharply reducing their water use even as El Niño rains fall across our service area. Although El Niño is bringing some relief to the parched soil, it will take longer than a single year for our thirsty watersheds to recover. Water conservation is still necessary to assist in the recuperation of our watersheds.

SVWD recommends that its customers maintain their efficient use of water. By setting a target of using 75 gallons per person per day in summer and 60 gallons per person per day in winter, we can collectively meet that goal.

Although this conservation plan will help our watersheds, it also generates a different kind of problem. We are used to being rewarded when we do our part in helping out. However, that general rule works differently when we talk about water pricing.

People often ask me: “If I’m using less water, why don’t water rates go down?” It’s a great question, and here is how I try to explain that counterintuitive correlation.

Draft Report for the Santa Margarita Groundwater Basin Boundary Revision Request

California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014 (SGMA) is aimed at strengthening local control and management of groundwater basins throughout the state.  The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has defined the boundaries for groundwater basins that require management under SGMA.  On November 16, 2015, DWR initiated the process for local agencies to request modifications to groundwater basin boundaries.   
Scotts Valley Water District (SVWD), in coordination with San Lorenzo Valley Water District and the County of Santa Cruz has been working with HydroMetrics Water Resources, Inc. to develop a the Santa Margarita Groundwater Basin Boundary Revision Request.   The SVWD seeks local input on its proposal to modify the existing groundwater basins as a larger basin called the Santa Margarita Groundwater Basin.  This notice provides information about the proposed modifications on providing input.

The modified basin boundary will better reflect the geologic structure of the area, and mirror the ongoing management of the area’s shared groundwater resource.  It will also clarify and define the boundaries with adjacent basins that are managed by neighboring agencies. Click here to view the Santa Margarita Goundwater Basin Boundary Revision Request Draft Report. Additional information about rules regulating public and local input as well as links from DWR on the basin boundary modification process are also provided on the website.

For notification of the proposed modification, or for additional information regarding the Santa Margarita Groundwater Basin Boundary Modification, please email or submit a written request to the following address:
Scotts Valley Water District
Attn: Santa Margarita Groundwater Basin Boundary Modification
2 Civic Center Drive
Scotts Valley, California 95066