2015 Urban Water Management Plan

Scotts Valley Water District has completed its 2015 Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP), a document that provides a framework for long-term water planning and informs the public of strategic resource planning designed to ensure adequate water supplies for existing and future demands.

The UWMP is designed to cover the timeline 2015 through 2035 and contains information about the public water system, current and projected water uses current and projected sources of water available to the agency, water supply reliability, water shortage contingency planning and demand management measures. As such, the UWMP is designed to coordinate with General Plans set forth by the County of Santa Cruz and the City of Scotts Valley, as well as Integrated Regional Water Management Plan and Groundwater Management Plan.

Included in the 2015 update is the Water Shortage Contingency Plan.  Section 8 describes the District's  plan for dealing with water shortages, including the stages of action during a shortage, prohibitions on users, penalties or other enforcement of prohibitions, methods to reduce consumption, determining reductions, impacts to District revenues and expenditures, ordinances/resolutions that formalize the water shortage contingency plan and planning for a catastrophic supply interruption.

To view the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan, click here. For questions or comments about the Plan, contact General Manager Piret Harmon at email or 831-600-1902.