Water FAQs

If you’re concerned your home plumbing may contain lead in its pipes or fittings, you may want to have your water tested by a state-certified laboratory. Testing is the only way to confirm if lead is present or absent. For more information on testing your water, contact a drinking water laboratory. 

Here are three in our area:
Soil Control Lab (831) 724-5422
Monterey Bay Analytical Services (831) 375-6227
Bolsa Analytical Lab (831) 637-4590

Scotts Valley Water District tests for lead quarterly in source water pumped from wells and treated water as it leaves the treatment plants. Our samples are always negative for lead. Since 1993, the District has regularly tested the water at a selected number of higher-risk homes. These homes were constructed using copper pipes with lead solder prior to the 1986 federal ban on lead solder. Our monitoring is conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements and guidance.

Please visit the Water Quality page for more information.

No. Scotts Valley Water District does not add or have any plans to add fluoride to the potable or recycled water supply.

No, the District does not add fluoride to the potable water supply or the recycled water supply. 

Please visit our Recycled Water page for more information.

Please visit the Recycled Water page for more information.

The recycled water distributed by the Scotts Valley Water District may be used for many non-potable uses including construction purposes, irrigation of schools, parks, golf courses, HOA common landscape areas and commercial landscapes, and irrigation of all types of food crops (including those eaten raw). Additional information can be found on the Recycled Water page.

Please visit the Recycled Water page to learn more.

Drinking water standards are adopted by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Drinking Water Program pursuant to the California Safe Drinking Water Act.  Drinking water standards are enforced and monitored by the CDPH and local health departments.

The District's water, which comes from groundwater wells, has continuously met or exceeded every water quality standard set by State and Federal Water Quality Standards.

The Scotts Valley Water District (SVWD) monitors water quality at the groundwater production wells for the constituents required by the Safe Drinking Water Act and under Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations. The District annually prepares and distributes the SVWD Annual Water Quality Report to keep customers informed on water quality issues. This report provides the public with detailed results of water-quality testing, a description of the water source, answers to common questions about water quality, and other useful water quality information.

The District's annual water quality report can be found here.

Please visit the Water Supply page for more information.