Board Committees

The Board of Directors utilize Standing and Special Committees to conduct its business efficiently. 

Special Committees
In January 2019, the Interagency Committee, comprised of elected officials and staff from the City of Scotts Valley, Scotts Valley Fire Protection District, Scotts Valley Unified School District and Scotts Valley Water District was formed.  The Interagency Committee objectives are to provide a unified source of information on community related matters, demonstrate effective interagency relationships and through transparancy build and maintain trust of public agencies. 

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Standing Committees
The Board has three standing committees: 1) Executive and Public Affairs, 2) Finance and Personnel,  and 3) Water Resources and Engineering.  Committee meetings are scheduled monthly and meet in the District Conference Room. The public is welcome.

Executive and Public Affairs (3rd Monday 4:00 p.m.)
Members: Director Reber and Director Leishman (alternate Director Perri)
Focus area: General Manager evaluation, succession planning, community relations, communication strategy and outreach, public information and other items that do not fit in the defined boundaries of other committees.

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Finance and Personnel (3rd Tuesday 4:00 p.m.)
Board Members: Director Leishman. Director Reber. Community Member: Barbara Callahan.
Alternates: 1st Director Stiles, 2nd Director Perri, and 3rd Director Ekwall
Focus area: Fiscal (investment and purchasing) policies, financial reports, annual audit, internal audit,  rates, fees and charges, operating budget, grants, new positions, wage and benefit adjustments, potential disciplinary actions, training and safety programs, ethics and discrimination issues, Memorandum of Understanding. 

Financial Reports

Financial Reports

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Financial Reports


Water Resources and Engineering (3rd Monday 10:00 a.m.)
Members: Director Stiles, Director Ekwall. Community Member: Kelly Krotcov
Alternates: 1st Director Perri, 2nd Director Reber, 3rd Director Leishman
Focus Area: Water supply augmentation projects, water resource issues, water use efficiency, water quality, capital and maintenance projects 
(infrastructure and facilities), property acquisition and disposition, standard specifications, Capital Improvements Project budget.



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Ad-hoc Committees 
An ad-hoc committee may be formed with the approval of the Board and its term expires upon completion of the project or issue for which it was formed.