Water Rate Update

As of the first billing period of 2019, water rates for Scotts Valley Water District customers have increased. The District’s Board of Directors approved the increase in December 2016, following a cost of service study and public process according to California’s Proposition 218. 

At the time the 5-year rate schedule was approved, the Board made a commitment to evaluate the need for approved rate increases annually. Prior to implementing the 10% increase this year, the District completed the evaluation process and deemed the rate change necessary to continue carrying out the District’s capital improvements program including Orchard Run Water Treatment Plant upgrades, Sequoia Tank rehabilitation, Purified Recycled Water Recharge environmental study and other projects. Learn more:  Projects and Activities

Can the water supply support our future? 

Thanks to planning, YES. 

If we continue to manage water wisely, local water supply can support our community’s future, including growth the city is now experiencing. 

Currently, the District has 30 pending service applications to provide 240 new service connections. These connections are projected to increase potable water demand 3.15% and recycled water demand 5.83% while providing nearly $5 million in one-time revenue to the District. These funds help the District implement efficient practices and smart technologies to sustainably manage local water resources. 

Total groundwater pumping in the Scotts Valley area has decreased 46 percent from 2000 and the area is currently using less potable water than it was in 1985 when the city’s population was less than 6,200 people.

Learn more: Can our water supply support Scotts Valley's future? Thanks to planning, yes.