SVWD Customers Using Autopay Need to Update Payment Method

The Scotts Valley Water District has updated our payment processing service.  This change will ensure that security is maintained for all transactions.  However, the change does require that all Autopay customers update their payment method.

Here’s how to do it:

1.  Log in to your account:
2.  Select the ‘My Profile’ Tab

3.  Scroll down to the ‘Your Saved Payment Methods’ box
4.  Before you add your new payment method, remove your previously saved payment method by clicking ‘Remove’. (This step is not necessary to add a new payment method, but it is recommended)

5.  Select the link ‘Add a new payment method for your default account’. Enter your credit card information.  This step is required even if your credit card information has not changed.

6.  Under ‘Options’, make sure the checkbox is selected to ‘Use this payment information to automatically debit my account’.
7.  Click the ‘Add payment method to this customer’ to submit.
8.  And you’re done.  Thank you!