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Recycled Water Fill Station not to Open for 2019 Summer

The District opened the Recycled Water Fill Station on Kings Village Road in 2015 to provide a supply alternative for residential customers when California was in the middle of a severe drought. The station was well received by the community and had 98 permitted users signed up in the first 2 years of operation. Use of the fill station peaked in 2016 with 131,000 gallons distributed over 5 months. Visits dropped off sharply in 2017 with 57,000 gallons distributed and again in 2018 with only 56,000 gallons dispensed over the five and half months the station was open. The direct costs to operate the station in 2018 was just over $7,000, essentially costing ratepayers $125 to supply 1000 gallons of free recycled water to a small group of users.

On April 11, 2019, the SVWD Board of Directors directed staff to conclude the Recycled Water Fill Station program due to declining use and below marginal benefit to the ratepayers.

The Recycled Water Fill Station remains closed until an apparent benefit or critical need warrants re-launching the program.

Thank you for your support to the program throughout, especially during the peak of the drought. There are many ways to keep saving water outdoors and permanently reduce the need for irrigation. Don’t hesitate to contact the District office to obtain information about the water use efficiency program Think Twice and various rebate offerings.