Scotts Valley Water District - System Flushing Underway
System Flushing Underway

Beginning on Monday, April 8, the Scotts Valley Water District will flush water mains for three weeks at various locations throughout the District. 

Water main flushing is the process of cleaning or “scouring” the inside of the pipes by sending a high-velocity flow of water through the system. Flushing is necessary to comply with requirements set by the California Department of Water Resources Control Board. Because flushing removes sediment from pipelines to maintain water quality, yellow to brown discoloration may occur from dislodged sediment and water pressure may be affected.

The District asks customers to minimize water use between 8 am and 4 pm during the week in which flushing is scheduled in their neighborhood (see schedule below). Flushing is a crucial preventative measure that helps to maintain the capacity of the pipe and to protect water quality by removing minerals and sediment deposits from inside the mains. 

FLUSHING SCHEDULE (8 am – 4 pm daily)

Week 1, Monday to Friday, April 8-12: Green Hills Rd, Sawbuck Ct, Single Spur Ct, Sidesaddle Ct, Glen Cary Ct, Gregory Ct, Glen Canyon, Sunridge Dr, Oak Creek Blvd, Lucia Ln, Kirkorian Ct, Kentwood Ct, Green Tree Wy, Angela Ct, Suzanne Ct, Kelly Wy, Quien Sabe Rd, Kelly Ct, Shasta Park Ct, Lassen Park Ct, Saddleback Ridge Rd, La Cuesta Dr, Torrey Oaks Ct, La Madrona Dr, El Pueblo Road, Cathy Lane, Siri Ln, Kent Ct, Woodhill Dr, Civic Center Dr, Erba Ln, Terrace View Dr, Terrace View Ct, Acorn Ct, Whispering Pines Dr, Arabian Wy, Carriage Ln, Morgan Ct, Appaloosa Ct, Quarterhorse Ln, Shadow Ct, Lundy Ln, Bluebonnet Ln, Oak Cir, Pine Ct, Azalia Ct, Mountain View Dr, Valley View Ct, Canyon Wy, Bean Creek Rd, Lockhart Gulch Rd, Green Valley Rd, Lucinda Ln, King’s Village Shopping Center, Town Center HOA, Skypark Subdivision, Lockhart Gulch, Lockwood Ln.

Week 2, Monday to Friday, April 15-19: Dunslee Wy, MacLeod Wy, Johnston Wy, Willis Rd, Butler Ln, Sunflower HOA, Coopers Hawk Ct, Tuscany Ct, Venice Wy, Milano Ct, Fox Sparrow Ct, Golden Eagle Ct, Fred Ct, Purple Hills Ct, Sageland Ct, San Augustine Rd, Hacienda Dr, Grace Wy, Nadia Ct, Country Ln, Deer Trail Wy, Ridgecrest Ln, Ridgecrest Dr, Meadow Wy, S. Navarra, 300 block of Southwood Drive, Sherman Ct, Scott Ct, Sucinto Ln, Sunset Terrace, Skyforest Wy, Ginger Ln, Cider Ct, Hansen Terrace, Glenwood Dr, Deerfield, Kerry Ct, Casa Way, Elderberry Ct, Scotts Valley Dr, Redwood Vista, Cabernet Ct, Bordeaux Ln, Tabor Dr, Bethany Wy, Bethany Dr, Canham Rd, Summerhill Ln, Sandhill Rd, Glenwood Stables.

Week 3, Monday to Friday, April 22-26: Polo Ranch Subdivision, Upper N. Navarra, Blossom Way, Cielo Dr, Jonathon Wy, Gaffney Wy, Highgate Rd, Hilltop Wy, Sunset Terrace, Southwood Dr, Belair Dr, Sramek Ln, Granite Creek, Granite Creek Estates, Apple Valley, Stonewood Dr, Shaketree Ln, Northridge Dr, Glenwood Dr, Woodlander Pl, Crescent Dr, Villa Fonteney and any areas missed due to emergencies.

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