Newsletter: Check for household leaks to avoid costly bills
Starting in 2023, the District will no longer offer bill adjustments for leaks. This means that cost of the water lost due to a leak will now have to be paid in full.                         Customers need to be proactive and check for leaks regularly around the house. The most common places where leaks occur are:                            
  • service line between the meter and the building
  • toilets                        
  • shower heads                     
  • outdoor irrigation systems             

With the new WaterSmart customer service portal, identifying leaks promptly has never been easier! Enrolling in WaterSmart, allows customers to set alerts for high or unusual water use, access money-saving actions and find personalized tips on how to save water.

If you cannot find the location of the leak, it's recommended you reach out to a plumber, irrigation specialist or leak detection company to help locate hard-to-find leaks (note: the District is not able to give referrals for private companies).


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