KSBW: Scotts Valley to offer free recycled water for residents' plants

The Scotts Valley Water District says you don’t have to let your plants die, the district is giving away free recycled water for outdoor irrigation. It’s one of several new programs and incentives to get customers to use less water as the water district moves into stage 2 of water conservation.


The free recycled water is available to Scotts Valley residents and they can get up to 250 gallons every Saturday. Three faucets located across from the Scotts Valley senior center at the end of Kings Village road dispense the water.

The district is also offering a $2 per square foot rebate for people who replace their turf with drought-resistant plants. If that's not enough, you could win $100 each month if you reduce your water use by 15 percent over last year. If you consistently save water over 4-months you could be eligible to win $500.

“We are empowering our customers we're educating them how to be more efficient,” said Piret Harmon, manager for the District. 

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