October 10, 2019 Board of Directors meeting

Scotts Valley Water District Board of Directors
Regular Meeting
Santa Margarita Community Room
2 Civic Center Drive, Scotts Valley, California
Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Download Agenda Packet 

1. Convene
1.1 Call to Order and Roll Call
1.2 Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation
1.3 Closed Session Report (none)
1.4 Additions/Deletions to the Agenda
1.5 Oral Communications on items not on the Agenda
2. Administrative (Administrative items are informational in nature and do not include an agenda report)
2.1 Approval of Minutes 08/08/19 Regular Board Meeting
2.2 Presentation: Customer Account Ownership, Nicholas Kurns, Finance and Customer Service Manager 
2.3 Committee and Other Agency Reports
Executive and Public Affairs Committee (none)
Finance & Personnel Committee 09/17/19
Interagency Committee 10/03/19 - oral
Water Resources & Engineering Committee 09/16/19
Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency (SMGWA) Board 09/26/19- oral
2.4 2019 Committee Assignments
3.   Consent (Items are routine in nature and may be approved by one motion, each item includes an agenda report with the recommendation)
3.1 Annual Reimbursements Disclosure
Recommendation:  Accept the Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 Reimbursements Disclosure Report.
3.2 Leak Adjustment Appeal
Recommendation: Deny the request for exception to the five-year waiting period and not grant a leak adjustment credit for Ms. Bell at 146 Green Valley Road.
4. Public Hearings (none)
5. Business  (Items are complex in nature and considered individually, each item includes  an agenda report with recommendation and an oral staff report).
5.1 Amended FY 2020 Capital and Maintenance Projects Budget
Recommendation: Approve the amended FY 2020 projects budget.
6. Staff Reports
Legal: District Counsel - oral
Administration: General Manager - oral
Finance: Financial reports 07/01/19 through 08/31/19
Operations: Operation Manager (oral), Production, Demand and Rainfall and Leak Adjustment Program Report
7. Directors Reports
Travel and Meetings
ACWA and ACWA/JPIA Updates
8. Written Correspondence (none)
9. Community Relations
September Newsletter
10. Closed Session (none)
11. Report on Closed Session and Additional Business
12. Future Agenda Items

Junior Associate Board Member Appointment
Community Members on Board Committee Appointments
SB998 Compliance
Validated Water Loss Audit Report 2018
13. Meetings and Events Calendar
Regular Board Meetings: Santa Margarita Community Room

Special Board Meeting : Scotts Valley Public Library
10/11/19 Strategic Planning Workshop

Committee Meetings: District Conference Room
10/14/19 Executive & Public Affairs  
10/15/19 Finance & Personnel
10/14/19 Water Resources & Engineering
TBD Interagency

Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency Board Meetings: Santa Margarita Community Room

Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) Events
10/17/19 ACWA Regulatory Summit 2019, Sacramento
10/30/19 Water Education Foundation’s Water Summit 2019, Sacramento
12/03 - 12/05/19 ACWA Fall Conference, San Diego
05/05 - 05/08/20 ACWA Spring Conference, Monterey

11/06 - 11/07/19 Water Education Foundation Central Coast Tour, San Jose

14. Adjourn Meeting
The next regular meeting of the Scotts Valley Water District Board of Directors is scheduled for 11/14/19 at 7:00 p.m. in the Santa Margarita Community Room, 2 Civic Center Drive, Scotts Valley, California.

Availability of Public Records Provided to the Board of Directors
The District will make available for public review any public records furnished to the board of directors at the same time such records are furnished to the Board of Directors. Such records shall be available at the district office during normal business hours.

Public Access – Accommodations under the ADA
Pursuant to Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Scotts Valley Water District requests that any person in need of any type of special equipment, assistance or accommodation(s) in order to effectively communicate at the District’s public meeting please make such a request to the district office at the above address or by calling (831) 438-2363 a minimum of three (3) working days prior to the scheduled meeting. Advance notification within this guideline will enable the District to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility.