Intelligent Water Meters and New Web Portal Save Money and Water for Scotts Valley Water Customers

Nearly 75% of Customers Have New Meters; Full Installation Expected by 2021


(DEC. 17, 2019) SCOTTS VALLEY, CA – The Scotts Valley Water District (SVWD) today announced District crews have upgraded more than 70 percent of all water meters to new “Intelligent Meters” that, when combined with the District’s available WaterSmart customer web portal, allow customers to easily view, understand and manage their water use.

Approved by the Scotts Valley Water District Board of Directors in 2017, the i-Meter project involves replacing all meters installed before 2012. The new i-Meters enable customers to:

  • View hourly usage history
  • Set up leak detection alerts and high bill notifications
  • Compare their consumption to similar households
  • Explore water and money-saving actions
  • Sign up to receive personalized tips on how to save water
  • Access billing statements
  • Apply for District rebates

District-wide installation of i-Meters is expected to be completed in 2021. Customers with the new meter will receive a letter from the District soon with more information on how to access their account on the new portal.

“We are proud to offer this innovative service to our customers,” District General Manager Piret Harmon said. “The i-Meters are a great tool to help customers and District staff resolve leak issues and better understand local water demands.” 

Previously, customer water use information was collected once every two months by District staff, making it difficult to monitor water consumption, catch leaks early or pinpoint ways to be more water efficient. The i-Meters are part of an integrated network and data management system that enables more frequent and up-to-date access to customers’ water use.

The system uses wireless cellular technology to securely communicate meter readings through a cloud-based system to the District’s server once every 24 hours. The new devices that collect and transmit data are connected to the water meter in the existing meter box, near the street or sidewalk.

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Scotts Valley Water District is a public agency providing water service over six square miles including most of the City of Scotts Valley and a portion of the unincorporated areas north of the city limits. The community of Scotts Valley places a high value on livability, innovation and planning for the future. Scotts Valley Water District is proud to play a vital role in supporting those efforts by providing a reliable, sustainable, high-quality water supply. Through partnership with our community, strategic investment in resources and pursuit of new ideas, Scotts Valley Water District is redefining its historic role in order to meet future challenges and turn them into opportunities.