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Helicopter Airlifts Temporary Water Storage Tanks

The right tool for the job makes all the difference! Using a helicopter service, Scotts Valley Water District placed four 15,000-gallon tanks next to the District’s existing Bethany Water Storage Tank at the top of Tabor Drive on Monday, Aug. 17. The large, polyethylene tanks will provide temporary water storage while the District completes a planned inspection of Bethany Tank, which requires the tank to be empty. The tank, built in 1964, is due for maintenance.

The helicopter flew the temporary tanks a distance of about 700 feet, from a parking lot on the campus of 1440 Multiversity to the Bethany Tank site. Airlifting the tanks was necessary because the road to the site was too narrow to drive the tanks up on a flatbed truck. The tanks were not flown over any homes or roads, and the work took less than two hours to complete.