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New/Upgraded Service Connections

New Service Connections
The Scotts Valley Water District provides water to locations that are within the District’s service area as determined by the Local Agency Formation Commission of Santa Cruz County (LAFCO)

Determine if your project is within the District service area: 

If the property is not already served by the District, owner must request a Will Serve Letter and pay a $125 fee. If the property is already served by the District, a Will Serve Letter is not required.
Apply for Will Serve Letter

Info: New Service & Changes to Existing Service Connections

Upgrades/Changes to Existing Service Connections
Any changes to how water will be used within the property served by the District may require the District to approve plans in accordance with the Districts Potable Water Standard SpecificationsRecycle Water Standard Specifications and Cross-Connection Control & Backflow Prevention Policy P300-17-1.

If there is a plumbing fixture count change, fire service upgrade or change of business type, a Service Application will need to be submitted with a plan review and inspection deposit. Click here to determine the plan review and inspection deposit amount.
Will Serve Request

Service Application Form

Fee Schedule for New Connections

Potable Water Standard Specifications

Recycled Water Standard Specifications

Cross-Connection Control & Backflow Prevention