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Take control of you water use! All Scotts Valley Water District customers have “intelligent meters” that record and share water use data daily. This data is available for customers via the WaterSmart customer engagement portal. Sign up today. 

The WaterSmart online platform helps customers monitor water usage to be more water-efficient and save money on water bills. Customers can:

  • View hourly usage history. Set up unusual usage and high bill alerts
  • Compare their consumption to similar households
  • Explore water and money-saving actions
  • Sign up to receive personalized tips on how to save water
  • Access billing statements

Note: Customers currently using EyeOnWater will need to transition to WaterSmart portal by clicking here.

How It Works

In 2017, the Scotts Valley Water District Board of Directors approved a project to replace all meters installed before 2012 and deploy Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meter-reading technology for all District meters.

AMI is an integrated system of intelligent meters (i-Meters) as well as communication network and data management system that enables more frequent and up-to-date access to customers water use.

Scotts Valley Water District’s AMI system — Badger Beacon — uses wireless cellular technology to communicate meter readings securely through a cloud-based system to the District’s server once every 24-hours. The new devices that collect and transmit data are connected to the water meter in the existing meter box, near the street or sidewalk.

Previously, customer water use information was collected once every two months by District staff, making it difficult to monitor water consumption, catch leaks early or pinpoint ways to be more water efficient.