AMI i-Meters

In 2017, Scotts Valley Water District Board of Directors approved a project to replace all meters installed before 2012 and deploy Advanced Metering Infrastructure meter reading technology for all District meters.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of intelligent meters (i-meters), communication networks, and data management systems that enable two-way communication between utilities and customers.

Scotts Valley Water District’s AMI system - Badger Beacon - uses wireless cellular technology to communicate meter readings securely through a cloud-based system to the District’s billing system once every 24-hours. These new cellular endpoints are connected to the water meter in the existing meter box, near the street or sidewalk. As of June 2019, the District has finished about 60% of all installations – the list of completed streets is displayed below.

The District recently decided to enhance the customer experience by partnering with WaterSmart Software. The new customer portal allows customers to monitor their usage from the comfort of their home. They have the ability to receive leak alarms, review hourly water usage, set notifications for high consumption, and acquire a greater understanding of indoor and outdoor water use. With WaterSmart, customers will be able to:

  • View usage history
  • Access billing statements
  • Setup usage and high bill alerts
  • Compare their consumption to similar households
  • Explore water and money saving actions
  • Sign up to receive personalized tips on how to save water
  • Apply for District rebates

WaterSmart will be available to customers this summer.  The District will be mailing a letter with more information on how to access the new portal. Customers who are currently using EyeOnWater will need to transition to WaterSmart portal.

List of Completed Streets (June 2019):
Acorn Ct, Airstream Ct, Alpine Way, Angela Ct, Aviator Ct, Azalia Ct, Bean Creek Rd, Blake Ln, Blue Bonnet Way, Bordeaux Ln, Cabernet Ct, Camino Vista, Canham Rd, Canyon Way, Castle Ridge Way, Charles Hill Ct, Charles Hill Rd, Christel Oaks Dr, Coast Range Dr, Crescent Ct, Crescent Dr, Dobie Ln, Dunslee Way, Elzer Dr, Erba Ln, Falcon Ridge Rd, Frapwell Cir, Glen Cary Ct, Gold Ct, Green Hills Rd, Greentree Way, Gregory Ct, Harvest Ln, Jolley Way, Jupiter Ter, Kelly Way, Kelsey Ct, Kentwood Ct, Kings Canyon Ct, Kirkorian Ct, La Cuesta Dr, La Madrona Dr, Lakeview Dr, Lassen Park Ct, Lucia Ln, Lupine Dr, Madrone Ct, Montevalle Dr, Mountain View Dr, Navigator Dr, Northridge Dr, Northridge Ln, Oak Cir, Oak Creek Blvd, Oak Ln, Oakwood Pl, Pine Ct, Old Mill Rd, Pioneer Ln, Piper Cub Ct, Polo Heights, Ponderosa Ln, Ponderosa Rd, Quien Sabe Rd, Redwood Pl, Redwood Way, Reisling Way, Ridgecrest Ln, Sandhill Rd, Sawbuck Ct, Sawyer Cir, Sawyer Ct, Shake Tree Ln, Shasta Park Ct, Sidesaddle Cir, Silverwood Dr, Single Spur Ct, Skypark Dr, Sorrento Dr, Stewart Pl, Stonewood Dr, Summerhill Dr, Sunridge Ct, Suzanne Ln, Terrace View Dr, Thompson Ln, Timber Ridge Ln, Tramell Way, Valley View Ct, Viki Ct, Vine Hill Rd, W Vine Hill Rd, Weible Dr, Woodlander Pl, Zinfandel Cir.