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Water Waste

Preventing water waste is critical to ensuring water security. What is wastewater? Leaking sprinklers, a hose left on or a water main line break all waste water. Reporting leaks and other water waste is helpful to both the property owner – helping to save money — and the community, by encouraging the efficient use of water.

Anonymous tips may be left below. We only follow up with you personally if you request contact. Please be as specific as possible as to the time, date, location and type of problem. Photos are helpful but are not required.

Report Water Waste  Water Waste Policy    

What To Do If You've Been Cited for Water Waste
We do not want to issue fines and know that many people are not aware of water waste on their property. For example, an irrigation system that turns on at night or while on vacation can malfunction. At the same time, each customer is responsible to use water efficiently. We will work with you to negotiate a timely plan to fix whatever the leak problem is. Communication is essential to avoid any financial penalties.

If a District staff member has left a citation tag to your home or business, the following procedure is followed:

  • You have 24 hours to communicate to us that you received the tag and propose a timely remedy for the situation.  
  • If you do not communicate within 24 hours that you received the notice, we will then notify you in writing. Letters will be sent to the account holder and they will be held responsible for the irrigation system, whether they occupy the property or not.
  • If we do not hear from you within 7 days of the postmark of the email and/or letter, you may be immediately fined up to $100 per calendar day for every account affected and/or have any of your water service(s) turned off on-site and be charged a re-connection fee. These fees will be added to your water account and are due in full at the same time as your regular water bill.

If you have any questions regarding any reporting or responding to a water waste situation, please call (831) 600-1901 or email.