Rainwater Catchment

Take advantage of the free resource of rainwater to water your garden and help recharge our soils. We offer 25 cents per gallon of container volume, up to $750.

Capturing rainwater is a great way to increase your awareness of just how much rainwater runs off your roof during each rainstorm. During the rainy season, you can release captured water into your landscape instead of sending it down to curbs and storm drains and eventually out to sea. Help to "slow, sink and spread" our precious water on your property!

Rebates will only be given to rainwater catchment systems that prevent mosquito entry at all storage inlets and outlets, those that are level and secure from toppling, have provision for overflow, follow all local codes, and are not connected to any potable water supply (including an irrigation system).

Rebate Eligibility

  • Requires pre and post inspection. We reserve the right to deny applications where post inspections are made more than 90 days after pre-inspection. REQUEST AN INSPECTION.

  • Participants must agree to leave all landscape retrofits in place for five (5) years.

  • No installation labor rebated.

  • Rebate checks are issued to the account holder- whether it belongs to the property owner, tenant or manager.

         ‚ÄčRebate Application