Hardscape Replacement

photo of water permeable landscaping Help us preserve our groundwater by replacing your impervious  (impermeable) asphalt or concrete with pervious (permeable) asphalt, concrete, unmortared pavers, grave, or other permeable material. $1 per square foot of replaced hardscape.

This rebate is intended to incentivize those who are re-doing their concrete or asphalt, with an alternative that helps recharge our aquifers. There’s a great local magazine from the Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County that shows many ways to infiltrate water, and offers ideas for related retrofits- it’s available online at “Slow it Sink it, Spread it”.

Rebate Eligibility

  • Requires pre- and post inspection. We reserve the right to deny applications where post inspections are made more than 90 days after pre-inspection. REQUEST AN INSPECTION

  • Participants must agree to leave all landscape retrofits in place for five (5) years.

  • No labor or materials rebated, only square footage of replaced hardscape.

  • Rebate checks are issued to the account holder- whether it belongs to the property owner, tenant or manager

         Rebate Application