Water-Wise Landscaping

photo of a water-wise yard

Did you know that up to 70% of summer water use comes from landscape irrigation? We understand that keeping your yards looking beautiful is important to you and the great news is that you can have a beautiful yard that is also water efficient. We offer a variety of landscape rebates, as well as free advice along with lots of great links that will help you to have a gorgeous water-wise landscape all year round.

Landscape Rebates

Request a Required Pre or Post Inspection

  • Greywater and rainwater catchment (requires pre and post inspection)

  • Lawn and hardscape removal (requires pre and post inspection)

  • Drip irrigation conversion from spray (requires pre and post inspection)

  • Smart irrigation controller (post inspection only)

Contact us for more information on these topics: (831) 600-1907 or conservation@svwd.org

Online Landscaping Resources

Monterey Bay Friendly Landscapes
Provides home gardeners, landscape professionals and local governments with the skills and resources to create beautiful, healthy, and sustainable gardens and landscapes with the goal of reducing the impact of conventional landscape practices on the local environment.

graphic of the water-smart gardening logo

Water Smart Gardening for Santa Cruz County
A wonderful resource full of ideas, pictures and plant lists for creating water-smart landscapes in Santa Cruz County. Take local garden tours, pick out your favorite plants and create your own plant shopping list!

photo of a succulent plant

List of 800 Low Water Using Plants
A thorough list of 800 low water use plants broken down into categories that will help you create a water-smart plant list for any landscape project.

graphic from watersavingstips.org

Water Saving Tips
Brought to you by the Water Conservation Coalition of Santa Cruz County, this website is full of both indoor and outdoor water saving tips that you can easily take part in!

graphic from Slow it, Spread it, Sink it publication

Slow it, Sink it, Spread it
This link will take you to a variety of materials from our local Resource Conservation District. We recommend “Slow it, Spread it, Sink it” as the “go-to” guide to managing rainwater on your property, with local photos of swales, dry creek beds, rain gardens and rainwater harvesting projects.

graphic from Harvestion Rainwater

Harvesting Rainwater 
From the best-selling Tucson, AZ author Brad Lancaster, this website will delight you with rainwater harvesting images, video, and audio.

Central Coast Greywater Alliance logo

Central Coast Greywater Alliance
A great regional resource with info on design, rebates, permits, installers, and workshops on greywater re-use from washers, showers, or tubs.