House Calls and Tips

photo of SVWD home visit What is a Water-Wise House Call?

Our water use efficiency staff is available to come to your home or business and spend an hour with you to help you be more efficient with our shared water supply. This is an informative exchange of ideas and the service is FREE for all of our customers.

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The Details

An adult household member or business representative will need to be present for the call. This is what you can expect:

  • All water is discontinued for two minutes- this is to check the meter for movement for possible leaks.

  • A pressure gauge is attached to your hose faucet (bib)- this is to test the water pressure to make sure it is not too high (high water pressure can cause excessive wear on your plumbing).

  • A blue dye strip or tablet is dropped in your toilet tank and checked after 20 minutes (no flushing)- this is to check the flapper valve for potential leaks.

  • A plastic bag is placed over your shower head and faucets, with the water run for 5 seconds- this is to determine the flow rate and offer you free showerheads or faucet aerators if needed and requested. (The new ones are improved and have a great flow!).

  • Irrigation controllers, valves, and sprinkler heads/emitters are located and the current irrigation schedule is reviewed- this is to evaluate the efficiency of your irrigation system and schedule and offer rebates and water-wise landscaping ideas as desired.

  • As requested, free water saving devices, an evaluation of your home’s water use efficiency and a comparison with how you’re doing as compared to your neighbors, are offered.

photo of a SVWD home visit Why have hundreds of Scotts Valley residents had a house call?

Many people enjoy doing their part towards a shared community value of water use efficiency and want to learn more about practical and easy ways to save water indoors and out. They also want to lower their water and energy bills and give their families and businesses more water security through water-efficient practices. By practicing water efficiency, participants have lowered their household water use by an average of 20 gallons per day totaling almost 10,000 gallons per year- without necessarily taking a shorter shower!

Some people also request this service after they receive a high water bill and may want help finding a possible leak. We can help you look for leaks, but most of the time a plumber or leak detection service will need to be called. For more information about finding leaks and addressing water pressure, click here.

Request a complimentary Water-Wise House Call

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