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Project Description Current Activites and Projects Status FY 2019 Budget
Sequoia Tank Rehabilitation Recoat roof, interior, and exterior of 1.25 million gallon Sequoia Tank that has the original coating from 1983. Tank exterior has been recoated. The interior will be recoated by June 30, 2019. $650,000
Orchard Run Water Treatment Plant Upgrades Implement esthetic taste & odor improvements to the treatment process by adding new GAC filter and chlorine analyzer injection system. Infrastructure improvements include replacing the ammonia-based H2S air scrubbing system with a biofiltration scrubber. Replace 40,000 gallon bolted steel backwash tank and install new sewer lateral. 50% of design plans are complete and under review by District and C2G. 100% approved construction plans are scheduled to be completed by the end of April 2019. Construction in the next fiscal year. $500,000
Purified Recycled Water Recharge Supplemental supply project to increase groundwater reliability, especially in dry years (climate change related change). Could be shifted to SMGWA or replaced with conjunctive use. Environmental Consultant ESA is under contract. Environmental Impact Review is scheduled to be completed by April 2020. $300,000
Bethany Tank Rehabilitation Construct additional tank on-site to allow for roof reconstruction and interior and exterior coating replacement of 400,000 gallon Bethany Tank. The project extends tank service life and provides additional permanent storage and redundancy. Geotech assessment is done. The district is considering options for moving forward. potentially installing bolted steel tank as a permanent second tank on site or renting temporary tanks so Bethany Tank can be drained, inspected and recoated. $200,000
Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) Install AMI transmitters on all meters over a 3-4 year period. Install 1,300 transmitters. $150,000
El Pueblo Water Treatment Plant Improvements Replace manual 1980's filter control system with programmable automated control system linked with SCADA. Upgrades will be completed by in house staff. SCADA and electrical line drawings are being prepared by SCADA Consultant. $150,000
Meter Replacement Program Replace all meters installed before 2012 at the rate of 800-1,000 meters per year. Replace 900 5/8" meters. $120.000
Pressure Regulator Station Replacement - Northridge & Water Main Replace and relocate Northridge Regulator Station & replace 400' of 4" main. Hydraulic Modeling and Engineering design is underway that may result in permanently removing the PRV station. The main serving this station would be capped off instead of being replaced. $120,000
Pressure Regulator Station Installation - Granite Creek Estates       Install a main line regulator station to reduce 200+ PSI in the distribution system that serves Taryn Ct., Lauren Circ., Traci Ct., and a section of Granite Creek  Rd. This improvement benefits 45 residential services and augments the integrity of the District's potable water system. Under consideration with potential cost sharing. $100,000
Hacienda Pump Station Improvements Pump shed structure is in poor condition and needs to be replaced. The pumps are very loud and run 24hrs a day. Noise mitigation and structural upgrades will provide better protection for pumps an motors and reduce noise emissions considerably. The project is going to be rescheduled for the next fiscal year. $60,000
AV System Upgrade Create a professional quality A/V system that provides video streaming and recording of the District Board Meetings over the internet.  This project included design, equipment selection, and installation. The entire project done in-house by District staff was completed February 2019.  $30,000
Polo Rank Pump Station Polo Ranch Flow control station has been modified to provide booster pumping into the Southwood pressure zone when needed. The Southwood Booster station on Granite Creek Road will be retired. Concrete block building is under construction and will be completed by June 30, 2019. $20,000
Accountability & Utility Billing Software Updates   Fixed Asset module is pending on the outcome of the capital asset valuation work. Other modules (inventory and work order) are still under examination. Possible consideration of a third party financial reporting software. $20,000
Recycled Water Main Crossing Hwy 17 Install new main to the area east of Hwy 17. The main upgrade necessary to support new development. (Developer Funded Project) Requires Cal-Trans permit and a CEQA document.  The interim solution is to use potable water for irrigation. C2G Engineering has prepared preliminary plans and is preparing to subcontract with an Environmental Planner for the CEQA process. $257,000
Recycled Water Fill Station Carry out a program providing free small quantity (up to 250 gpd) recycled water to eligible customers. Evaluate the effectiveness and feasibility for the 2019 season. $8,000