Current Activities

The community of Scotts Valley places a high value on livability, innovation, and planning for the future. Scotts Valley Water District is proud to play a vital role in supporting those efforts by providing a reliable, sustainable, high-quality water supply.

Through a partnership with our community, strategic investment in resources and pursuit of new ideas, Scotts Valley Water District is redefining its historic role in order to meet future challenges and turn them into opportunities.

What We're Working On

Think Twice water use guidelines
The Think Twice water efficiency program aims to manage the use of water to best conserve it. Following Governor Jerry Brown's April 7, 2017, decision to lift the emergency drought declaration for most of the state, the Scotts Valley Water District has made small changes to its Think Twice water efficiency program. Under the modified program, the irrigation schedule has increased from two to three times per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Potable water service customers can irrigate before 10 a.m. and after 5 p.m. on these days. Three times a week provides sufficient water to the water efficient landscapes in the area. Managing the irrigation demand is the most practical approach for balancing the supply and demand of the system and replenishing the aquifer. 

Advanced Metering Infrastructure
The District is committed to upgrading its infrastructure and using best practices in technology. That includes enhancing water meters. Currently, the District is in the process of installing automated water meters that utilize cellular technology to capture and report consumption data generated at service locations. Presently, water meters are read manually every other month. Advanced Metering Infrastructure, or AMI, will allow hourly recording of consumption data that is uploaded daily and stored in the cloud-based database. The information can be accessed by the District and customers to monitor for leaks or other unusual fluctuations in water use. 

Groundwater Replenishment Program
Because groundwater is our only source of drinking water, the District is constantly evaluating options for increasing supply and access to drinking water. A feasibility study, to evaluate the scenarios for treating recycled water from the Tertiary Treatment Plant to an even more advanced standard to replenish the aquifers of Santa Margarita Groundwater Basin, is underway. After the advanced treatment, the water would be injected into the ground to bolster the groundwater levels directly and benefit the base flows in the local creeks and rivers. The feasibility study includes consideration of new state groundwater regulations on indirect reuse of treated wastewater.