Scotts Valley Water District, San Lorenzo Valley Water District Completed Emergency Pipelines

New System Allows for Water-Sharing in Emergency Situations

OCT. 4, 2016 SCOTTS VALLEY, CA – The Scotts Valley Water District (SVWD) and San Lorenzo Valley Water District (SLVWD) announced today they have completed the Regional Emergency Intertie Project, a joint effort between the two districts and the Mount Hermon Association, to allow the agencies to share water resources during emergencies.

Four interties were constructed:

  • Scotts Valley Water District and San Lorenzo Valley Water District South System

  • San Lorenzo Valley Water District South System and San Lorenzo Valley Water District North System

  • San Lorenzo Valley Water District and Mt. Hermon Association

  • San Lorenzo Valley Water District North System and San Lorenzo Valley Water District Felton System

The interties include pipeline and pump stations that are to be used on an emergency basis. Construction of the water system interties allows SLVWD and SVWD to share water resources in emergencies such as water main breaks and natural disasters like earthquakes, fires and landslides.

“For customers in both districts, the interties provide an additional level of security that we will be able to maintain water service at all times,” SVWD General Manager Piret Harmon said. “We appreciate the partnership with our neighbors.”

Additionally, the intertie system could improve water supply reliability for SLVWD customers and reduce aquifer pumping during winter months when stream flow is high. Previously, SLVWD could not move water between the North, South and Felton systems. With the interties in place, water could be transferred from one system to another within the district, depending on availability and demand.

“The interties could help us use water efficiently, especially during wet winter months when we can draw fresh, safe drinking water from our watershed instead of pumping it out of the aquifer,” SLWVD General Manager Brian Lee said. “This will allow us to make strategic decisions to allow wells to rest and let the aquifer recharge.”

Monthly maintenance will be performed at all of the pump stations to maintain required water quality standards in the system.

The project was partially funded by a State Water Resources Control Board Proposition 50 Public Agency grant. State funds paid for $4.3 million of the total $10 million project cost.

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