Scotts Valley Water District Customers Far Exceed State Goal For Reduction in Systemwide Potable Water Demand

Average demand during peak summers months down nearly 30% compared to baseline figures in 2013

Scotts Valley, CA — Oct. 30, 2015 — Scotts Valley Water District experienced a 29.75% reduction in potable water use during Summer 2015 compared to the same four-month period in 2013, the baseline year used by the state Water Control Resources Board to set drought-related reduction targets for municipal water districts.

The District achieved a 32% reduction in average gallons per person per capita per day (GCPD) in June 2015 compared to June 2013. Similar reductions occurred in the months that followed: 30% (July), 30% (August) and 27% (September.) The cutbacks far exceed the 16% percent prescribed by the state in response to Gov. Jerry Brown’s April 2015 mandate for drought emergency water conservation throughout California.

Summer water demand is typically higher than the rest of the year due to warmer temperatures and lack of precipitation. Yet, District customers kept residential water use — which accounts for about 70 percent of overall potable water demand — near the recommended 75 gallons per person per day by efficiently using water, taking advantage of District rebates and joining an innovative recycled water program.

“The District’s customers heard the message loud and clear that using water efficiently is not just the right way to respond to the drought, but also a commitment to the long-term sustainability of our water supply,” said General Manager Piret Harmon. “Reductions in demand allow the District to rely less on the groundwater basin, which we are actively working with regional partners to restore.”

About Scotts Valley Water District
Scotts Valley Water District is a public agency providing water service to 4,000 customers over six square miles including most of the City of Scotts Valley and a portion of the unincorporated areas north of the city limits.

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