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Recycled Water

Recycled Water Fill Station is Closed for 2021

What is Recycled Water?
When we think of things that can be recycled, we often think of aluminum cans, glass containers, and newspaper, but water can also be recycled. Recycled water is treated wastewater that has been purified through multiple treatment processes to a level that meets the quality and safety standards set by the California Department of Public Health. After meeting these standards recycled water is safe for a variety of beneficial uses such as agricultural and landscape irrigation, commercial car washes and even recharging groundwater basins.

Recycled Water Benefits

  • Preserves groundwater, our drinking water, for human consumption.
  • Decreases the amount of wastewater discharge that may damage and pollute the ecosystems of the body of water where it is discharged.
  • Repurposes water for useful purposes such as agricultural and landscape irrigation, industrial processes and replenishing groundwater sources.
  • Reestablish or create new wetlands, which create multiple benefits for local ecosystems and groundwater resources.

Recycled Water Use in Scotts Valley
Recycled water in Scotts Valley is typically used for commercial, industrial, institutional and homeowners associations (HOA) customers. We currently do not serve individual single-family homes unless they are part of an HOA that shares one or more landscape irrigation meter and qualifies for recycled water service. 

Prior to receiving recycled water, the site must be approved by Scotts Valley Water District (SVWD). The procedures for approval are slightly different depending on whether the service will be provided to a new facility or an existing facility. The applicant should check for supplementary guidelines or requirements that may be specific to the site.