Mission, Core Values, Vision and Goals


SVWD is a dynamic organization whose purpose is to deliver a sustainable high-quality water supply in an environmentally responsible, transparent and sound financial manner while providing outstanding customer service.

Core Values

  • Be adaptable and forward-looking
  • Nurture positivity and collaboration
  • Strive for efficiencies
  • ​Go above and beyond the average level of service


  • Be a high-performance organization by defying the public agency stereotype and converting problems to solutions.

Strategic Goals

Water Resource Management: Meet the current and future water supply needs of the District’s customers.

  •  Utilize the recharge capacity in the Santa Margarita basin by
         - Maximizing the potential use of recycled water
         - Identifying and implementing regionally beneficial conjunctive use projects
         - Achieving maximum feasible water conservation and efficient use
  • Improve the aesthetics of the drinking water

Water System Integrity: Provide continual investments in the District’s infrastructure and process improvements.

  • Maintain all assets within their useful life threshold
  • ​Realize increased operational efficiencies by utilizing technology and innovative solutions
  • Optimize the redundancy and effectiveness of the system and facilities

Financial Stewardship: Manage the District’s financial resources in a responsible manner.

  • Strive for maximum efficiency and transparency
  • Maintain fair, effective, and legitimate rates and fees that are sufficient for meeting operating and capital needs while providing for adequate reserves

Public Outreach: Foster relationships and communications with the District’s stakeholders and the community.

  • Engage the community to increase the visibility of District activities and advance public awareness on water matters
  • Identify, develop and strengthen strategic alliances, both private and public

Organizational Vitality: Commit to recruiting and retaining the highest quality employees and board members.

  • Value and reward competence, team spirit and creativity
  • Cultivate productive work conditions and positive workforce culture
  • Boost opportunities for continuous training and knowledge transfer