Customer Info FAQs

The Santa Margarita Community Room (Community Room) is located downstairs at the District Offices, 2 Civic Center Drive, Scotts Valley is available for local not-for-profit groups for meetings and programs of an informational, educational or civic nature when not being used by the Board of Directors or for other District activities it.  No business promotion, sales or solictations may occur while using the room.  All meetings must be free and open to the public. The room has about 24' by 32'  of usable floor space and is furnished with rolling tables and chairs that can be configured to meet your needs.  It is  equipped with projection system, PA system and has wireless internet access.   

It is available on a first come first serve basis Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. To schedule the room, or for more information, call Customer Service at 831-438-2363 or email. A link to a printable version of the application is provided below.

Santa Margarita Community Room Application

When the water in your main service line gets stirred up, it can cause the sediment that has settled in the bottom to come through your faucets. This can typically be cleared up by flushing out your system. Simply go to an outside hose bib or, if you don’t have an outside hose bib, the faucet that is the farthest from the street. Turn the cold water on and let it run for about 10 to 15 minutes or until the color has cleared up. It is important to use cold water while you flush so that the sediment does not get drawn into your hot water heater and take much longer to flush out.  If you have further questions or need more assistance, please contact us.

If your water usage has increased unexpectedly, you may have a leak somewhere in your system. The most common types of leaks are running toilets, broken landscape irrigation pipes or broken main lines from the meter to your home. Please refer to Information about Leaks for tips on how to investigate if you may have one of these types of leaks.

Water use varies from household to household based on the number of people living in the home, how much landscape or garden space is being watered or if there are any special needs being considered. The Department of Water Resources have urged residents and commercial businesses to reduce their water consumption during drought conditions by 20% through the end of the year.  A good average to shoot for is 75 gallons per day per person in the summer and 50 gallons per day per person in the winter (as irrigation is usually not being used). There are lots of ways to reduce your water use, and we're happy to help with suggestions, free devices and reabate.






Please visit our Be Water Efficient section to learn more

Yes, you can request an extension on your bill. We will review each request on a case by case basis. Please contact customer service for more information.

No, we currently do not collect water deposit fees.

The District uses a tiered rate structure to encourage efficient water use. There are six tiers where the unit price of water changes at preset level. The District uses gallons as the standard measurement to determine water use. See Rates and Fees

You will see a “Basic Service Charge” on each bi-monthly water bill. This service charge is a fixed amount based on the size of your meter. The basic service charge covers the costs of the District’s operations, including water storage facilities, pumping maintenance, water testing and meter readings. Revenue generated from water billing is directly equal to the expense of providing safe and reliable water service. See Rates and Fees

No – you will need to fill out a form, sign it and submit it to the District office to have your service stopped. You can come into the office to fill out the form or fill out an online Stop Servie request, print it and then submit to the district in person or by mail. Please visit Start/Stop Service page for more information.

You can start service by coming into the office or by filling out an online Start Service application. Be sure to select the appropriate form for either an “owner” or “non-owner” (tenant). A $25 new account fee will be applied to your first billing invoice. Plesae see Start/Stop Service for more information.

No, there is no additional fee to use any of these services.

Water bill payments can be made by coming into the district office, by phone, online or by setting up automatic bill payment. We accept cash, check or credit cards. Go to Pay my Bill for more information, to pay your bill online now, or to set up automatic bill payment.