Bulk Water

photo of water delivery truck Bulk water permits are issued for the purchase of both potable and recycled water. Recycled bulk water may only be used for construction and irrigation purposes and is available for use outside of the district boundaries.  

For general information please see the sections below on Potable and Recycled bulk water.

Potable Bulk Water

  • Deposit of $1,000 for water usage.
  • Deposit refunded upon return of meter in good working order less any outstanding balance.
  • Basic Service Charge is $207.49 monthly.
  • Bulk Potable Water is billed monthly at the same tiered rates as delivered potable water.
  • Bulk Water customers must call in meter read on the 28th day of the month.

Recycled Bulk Water

  • Deposit of $1,000 for the bulk meter.
  • Deposit is refunded upon return of meter in good working order and outstanding water bill have been paid.
  • City Residents - bulk recycled water is billed monthly at a rate of $7.07 per 1000 gallons, effective 12/15/2015.
  • All other customers – bulk recycled water is $8.84 per 1000 gallons, effective 12/15/2015.
  • Rates increase annually December 15, 2016.

Apply for a Bulk Water Meter Permit