Water Use Efficiency FAQs

Beyond the wasteful or inefficient use of water, you can use the amount of water that you're willing to pay for in non-drought years.
Our Water Waste and Irrigation Scheduling Policies were passed by our Board of Directors to further community norms that support a sustainable water supply for Scotts Valley.
For example, watering is done on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays only (Recycled Water exempt) and no irrigation is done between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

We offer many rebate programs and free water saving devices to help you be a smart water user. To learn more about our Rebate program click here To learn more about our free water saving devices click here If you want to learn more about ways to save water you can request a FREE water-wise house call here

Not only are there many plants of all shapes, sizes and colors that are low to ultra-low water users, they also create beautiful landscapes! You can start by looking at California native plants, Mediterranean climate plants, many of the Australian varieties and succulents. Most of our local garden stores and nurseries carry a wonderful variety of all of these plants.

800 Low Water Using Plants.

There are many ways to be more water efficient both inside and outside of your home.  A good place to start is knowing what the top five biggest water wasters are:

  • Leaks, check for leaks and fix them quickly! The most common leaks are irrigation, toilets and faucets.
  • Overwatering your landscape
  • Irrigation used for lawns
  • Toilets that flush more than 1.6gpf
  • Taking long showers, more than 5-10 minutes

Visit our "Be Water Efficient" section of the website to learn more about our Rebate programs, Request a Water-wise House Call or get free Water Saving Devices and see our list of 100+ Ways to Save Water!

The length of time that you water your lawn and plants varies greatly by time of year, type of soil, how much shade or sun they receive and the type of irrigation you have. Installing a Smart Irrigation Controller is a great way use technology to make your job easier. Read more about Smart Irrigation Controllers and apply for a rebate! You may also request a free landscape audit by our Conservation advisor. 

Most people are not even aware that they are wasting water or simply don't know the rules around water waste. By reporting water waste you are helping the District educate your neighbors and the community about water waste and you may be helping your neighbor to save water too!

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